6. Tap Add to save your settings. Guided Access (Password App Lock) This methods prevents you from leaving the app you're using. It's particularly useful for parents if your child is using a particular app on the phone, and you're worried he may venture to other apps. To set a password app lock using Guided Access, take the steps below: 1.

This phone lock app ensures that you or your loved ones do not keep focuing on the phone, which is very effective in hiding attractive apps on the phone. Separate phone usage challenges can be set through this app, which improves the productivity by enhancing the progress of the phone user. Lock your social apps to enhance privacy and secure your private data. Social Apps :Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Keek, Vine, 6tag, 6 sec This app locks your start screen so nobody can access your apps private data quickly without your knowledge though this app don't lock apps shown in applist it's due to windows phone limitations though this app will still help greatly to reduce risk if some App Lock is the ultimate tool to protect your apps and we help you enable or disable the lock as you see fit, you can even choose between the lock pattern and text password mode at all times. One of the main benefits of using App Lock is that it helps you take complete control over what apps you use and how you use them, but at the same time Advantages of using a Free App Lock . Free App Lock is a dream come true for developers who can now back up, encrypt and decrypt files at once rather than get separate software tools for these tasks. In addition to EXE files, you can unlock and lock media players, games, social networks, and internet browsers with this free software. Say hello to one of the simplest lock screen apps for Android. For them who don’t prefer extra options and so want to go for exactly what they want, it is the best lock screen app. This app doesn’t contain so many features in which you can get lost. But to turn off your screen, it works well. Only a simple tap is enough to lock your screen.

Tap on App Lock and you can use your fingerprint in passing the verification process. Tap on ‘Change the scope of privacy‘ and on that window, you can set which apps you want to lock. Tapping the app again simply unlocks it. So, that’s how to basically lock and unlock apps using your fingerprint ID on the newly launched infinix smartphones.

App Lock is supposed to come to Android in “the next few months" - allowing Android users to lock their chats behind an authentication method. Sections Facebook Apps. 2 days ago · The App Lock for Messenger will give you an “extra layer of security” for those times when someone else will have access to your phone. The feature will actually use your device’s security Developer Ryan Petrich extends its potential by adding the ability to lock apps, settings, and switches on your iPhone using Touch ID. The BioLockdown was born to serve such purpose. Just like AppLocker, you can use your fingerprint to secure any applications on your iOS device. Without it, the app will remain locked.

Your ratings and feedback are very important to us. First app in the Windows Phone Store that provides PATTERN LOCK to your apps. Now the wait is over to get hands on PATTERN LOCK in Windows Phone! Give a try and I bet you will enjoy. Smart App Lock is the new Windows phone application of the year 2014 with the help of which you can lock your Apps.

May 03, 2019 · However, most device users don’t use custom ROMs, but there are many App Locker apps available on the Google Play Store that will help to protect your apps and keep such information safe from snoopers. They can work in a variety of ways to lock your apps, including through a fingerprint scanner, password, or PIN. Jan 17, 2020 · Using third-party apps to control your lock screen is risky, so you would need to find a secure one. Don’t worry! We listed the best lock screen apps out there so you can get more information from your phone. With these apps, you can customize your lock screen with beautiful themes and features without sacrificing security. Whether you're using the app to study, pay attention in class, or even sleep, Flipd helps you disconnect and measures your mindful progress each time you use it. Full Lock Mode. This infamous feature is not for the faint-hearted: the Full Lock literally hides your apps from you until the timer ends. Enable the Full Lock and distractions