Jan 15, 2020

Google admits its new smart speaker was eavesdropping on users Oct 11, 2017 Massive Spying Operation Targeting Millions Of Google A massive spying operation deemed “the most far-reaching malicious Chrome store campaign to date” targeting millions of Google Chrome users has been linked to an Israeli firm, according to a report from researchers at Awake Security. From Reuters, “Exclusive: Massive spying on users of Google’s Chrome shows new security weakness”: A […] How much spying does Google do on its browser and Android Too much of spying I guess. A couple of days ago I was searching for a book on Amazon which is titled Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. The 2nd edition was available on Amazon for Rs. 3331 but it was way too expensive. And so I

Google Chrome users may have been impacted by a massive

The Google Chrome logo is seen near cyber code and words 'spy' in this illustration picture taken June 18. (Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Reuters) A newly discovered spyware effort attacked users

Jun 22, 2020

Google might be ‘spying’ on you to find the next WhatsApp 9 hours ago · Google might be ‘spying’ on you to find the next WhatsApp. Google has been using an unreported Google effort called Android Lockbox to monitor how users interact with non-Google … How Google and Amazon are ‘spying’ on you | Consumer Watchdog You would be forgiven for thinking that your private conversations were just that, but two leading voice assistants are listening to everything you say, a new report claims. Patent applications from Amazon and Google revealed how their Alexa and Voice Assistant powered smart speakers are ‘spying’ on you. The study warns of an Orwellian future in which the gadgets eavesdrop on everything Google may have been spying on other Android apps you use