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Are hotspots free on Sprint? | AnswersDrive If you do have an an unlimited smartphone plan, you can tack on 5 GB of hotspot use for $30 per month. By comparison, Sprint's tablet data plans cost $15 per month for 300 MB and $30 per month for 3 GB. T-Mobile: Mobile hotspot is free with all Simple Choice plans. Solved: Mobile hot spot - Sprint Community To Set up the Apple iPhone 7 or 7 Plus as a Wi-Fi hotspot: 1. From the Home screen tap Settings. 2. Tap Cellular. 3. Tap Personal Hotspot. 4. Tap Wi-Fi Password. 5. Enter a password, then tap Done. 6. Tap the Personal Hotspot switch to enable it. That should do it! Sprint iPhone 5 free hotspot?

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Finally, launch MyWi application from your iPhone's home screen and click the Wi-Fi button up top (the second button from the left). All you have to do is flip the "WiFi Hotspot" toggle and you're

Jun 02, 2017 · There is an app that is undetectable. You have to jailbreak your phone(legal). Never update it(sucks). Find the app and pay for it one time(legal). Use it(illegal).

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