[SOLVED] Not a valid email address on various websites/app

Apr 04, 2013 Login won't recognize my username or email - The Spotify I usually log in through Facebook but that isn't working saying that "I'm unable to log in. Either username or password is incorrect". When I attempt log in using my username it says the same thing. I tried to reset my password using my username and email and both say the user doesn't exsist. I'm at a total loss at how to fix this. Help! Ipad2 does not recognise email address | Apple iPad Forum

Solved: Can't login using email address - The Spotify

Apr 04, 2019 · Check and make sure you Typed it in Correctly If you did then its Possible your Account may have been Hacked and the Hacker may have Changed the Email Address of your Facebook your Account in that Situation your out of luck you will have to make a new Account and Report the old one as being Hacked/Stolen The Facebook email address, [email protected] and [email protected] are seen as the same for every practical purpose, and using any of the two will direct your email message directly to the same person. When looking for someone's Facebook username, make sure you use the name you see on the person's Facebook URL from his/her Timeline. Oct 08, 2012 · Just remember to configure the privacy settings accordingly, merely hiding the email address from the Facebook timeline will not prevent apps and services accessing the address. Thanks, TschonDoe

I deleted my account yet it is still showing up and people can post on it. I can no longer sign in, as it does not recognize my email address. I want this removed, that is why I deleted it. You all make enough money that it should be a simple task. I was told it would take 30 or 90 days for it to be deleted yet it has been months. PLEASE delete

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