Re: Revoke an endpoint certificate with ISE 2.3 The strange thing is i can generate certificate with the ISE CA and the portal But i think i configure the portal when the "plus" license was in demo so the portal is still here and i can continue generating certificate but i can't revoke it.

Revoke certificates when you need to -- the right way A secure Internet runs off the assurance of digital certificates. Revoking those certificates is often necessary, but problematic. How to revoke an openssl certificate when you don't have openssl ca -revoke bad_crt_file -keyfile ca_key -cert ca_crt openssl automatically saves a copy of your cert at newcerts directory. You may want to check it to retrieve your certificate. Unfortunately you need a certificate present to revoke it. Revoke certificate | Under Certificate Revocations (API Only), select Revoke order when all certificates are revoked. This setting only applies to the Revoke certificate endpoint in the Services API. To revert to the default behavior, select Revoke individual certificates. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Settings. Reissue an SSL/TLS certificate | For example, when reissuing a certificate, you can add domains to the original certificate. Adding domains to a certificate doesn’t revoke the original certificate. Other modifications allow you to create a new version of the certificate and require DigiCert to revoke the original certificate and any certificate reissues and duplicates.

Next to the certificate you want to use, in the Actions column, click View Status. Click Revoke. Select the reason why you're revoking the certificate, and then click Revoke Certificate. If you revoke your certificate within the first 30 days, please contact Customer Service. …

Nov 15, 2019

CRL Explained: What Is a Certificate Revocation List

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