Jul 06, 2020

SSH Agent Forwarding in Python: Paramiko's undocumented What. A how-to for ssh-agent forwarding via Paramiko. Specifically, I used Paramiko v1.15.2 in this example. Why. Paramiko's docs do not document the API required to do ssh-agent forwarding. I ended up finding out how by reading pull requests for ssh-agent forwarding features in frameworks that use Paramiko under the covers, like fabric and ansible.. Update: forward_tunnel - python paramiko set_keepalive - Code Examples Port forwarding with paramiko (2) Please find some code using paramiko-, pycrypto-2.6 and the forward.py script from which I did remove code from the line 115 to the end (to avoid options parsing). import paramiko, sys from forward import forward_tunnel remote_host = "target_host" remote_port = 8000 local_port = 8000 ssh_host = "my_ssh_host" ssh_port = 22 user = "login" password = "s3cr3t" …

Jun 23, 2019

python - Flask - How to make an app externally visible The basic setup will be to create a rule which will forward request to port 80 and/or port 443 to a destined host in your local network. Example create NAT (address translation) and port forwarding rule to forward inbound HTTP/S requests to your local network host running your python application. How to Set up SSH Tunneling (Port Forwarding) | Linuxize

Jun 13, 2019

One of the interesting experiments we can do with TCP socket programming is to set up a TCP port forwarding. This has very good use cases. Say, for example, if you are running an insecure program like FTP in a public server that doesn't have any SSL capability to do secure communication (FTP passwords can be seen clear-text over the wires).