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Aug 17, 2015 How to Use Apps on a Chromebook - Support.com As you use apps, your Chromebook keeps track, and lists the top apps here. Select the Apps menu in the bottom-left corner. A small bar will pop up from the bottom, showing your 5 most-used apps. App Drawer. The App Drawer will show you all the apps you currently have installed on your Chromebook. Select the Apps menu in the bottom-left corner. How to Change the Default Apps on Your Chromebook

How to Delete Apps from Your Chromebook

Jul 08, 2009 Easy Ways to Uninstall Chrome on Android: 5 Steps (with Unlock your Android. Press your phone or tablet's unlock button, and enter your screen lock code if … Kids Apps - Chromebook | Common Sense Media

Click on All apps in the lower-right corner. In the expanded menu, move your cursor over the app you'd like to add to the shelf and tap on the touchpad with two fingers simultaneously. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Pin to shelf. Removing and shortcut icon. Locate the …

On Chromebook, very few applications are actually installed on the hard drive. Instead, the applications shown in your App Launcher are more like links that open web applications in the Chrome web browser. You can view the applications on your computer in a couple different ways: Press the Search key. This opens the App Launcher […] How to fix Broken Apps on a Chromebook - Support.com Select the Apps menu in the bottom-left corner. Select the up arrow ^ to show all your apps. To delete an app, using your right mouse button, right click on the app. A menu will open. Select Remove from Chrome, or Remove from Chromium. Select Remove.